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"Pain! - Relieve or Prevent
with Denlinger's Discovery™"

by Dennis Denlinger
    Pain. Pain! Pain -#!@*!! By applying one basic of engineering Denlinger discovered that pain can be used as a warning that the human body isn't being used correctly. Then, by applying another basic of engineering, Denlinger discovered that ligaments can be used as a backup system, with the muscles being the primary system, when it comes to keeping bones tight in joints.

    By applying these discoveries certain pains can be relieved, stopped or prevented. Examples of these types of pains can be found at any joint in the human body.

    Now we'll take a look at how this works.

    In any machine there are parts which, if they break, can cause serious damage. The engineer does one of two things: 1.) increases the capability of the part far beyond what is needed or 2.) makes another system to take over if the important part fails. An example of number 1. above is increasing the load carrying capability of a building's columns and beams many times beyond what is needed. This is called a "Safety Factor". An example of number 2. above is in your car. Instead of one brake system for all four wheels, there are two brake systems: one for the front wheels and one for the rear wheels. If one brake system fails, the other will still stop your car until you can get it to a repair shop.

    This brings us to the warning. In a car, when one of the brake systems fails a bright red light comes on and stays bright as a warning until you get the brakes fixed. A similar thing happens in the human body when the correct muscles are not used correctly to keep bones tight in joints. Next will be a demonstration you can try yourself to see how this works.

    The demonstration will be done with the wrist joint. Although the risk is very tiny, Do Not do this demonstration unless you are willing to handle any possible damage yourself and not blame the author. Hold one arm out straight in front of you, level with the ground. Turn the wrist so the palm is down. Bend the elbow so the hand is near, but not touching, your chest. Let the muscles in the forearm relax so the wrist goes limp and the hand flops down. Use the other hand to gently, gently press against the back of the flopped hand just until there is a slight, very slight, pain in the wrist. That pain is the warning that muscles are not being used correctly to keep the hand tight to the arm at the wrist joint. What next? Stop pushing against the back of the flopped hand.

    Using the muscles in the forearm with the flopped hand, raise the hand so the wrist is straight and the hand is no longer flopped. Use those muscles to keep the wrist from bending. Using the other hand, press against the back of the hand with the straight (formerly flopped) wrist, but do not let it bend by using those muscles in the forearm. No matter how hard you push, if you are doing things right, the wrist will not hurt. Here the primary system (the muscles) is doing its job correctly.

    Ligaments are very important in the body. They keep bones together at joints when the muscles are not working, such as at night when you are asleep. Without ligaments you could wake up in the morning with your toes mixed in with your ribs.

    So, you have had an example of how Denlinger's Discovery™ applied engineering basics to the human body. If done soon enough, certain pains can be prevented or, if not done soon enough, the pain can be a warning that something is wrong and needs to be fixed. If getting the muscles working correctly is put off too long permanent damage could result. Denlinger's Discovery™ won't handle all pain. For example, arthritis or a broken bone or certain other things need other handlings.

    Denlinger has written books ("Muscle N' Bone" and "A New Foot Health Solution" available at his web site) giving more of the theory with drawings, and sometimes photos, to help get the ideas across. The books are written for the average person who needs to use Denlinger's Discovery™ on their own bodies for pains in the back, feet and other body parts.

    --- Denlinger studied engineering as part of earning an architectural degree at Carnegie-Mellon University. Later in life he made Denlinger's Discovery™ by using engineering basics to handle otherwise untreatable severe pains in his own body. Web sites for more information: http://www.NeckBackFootPain.com and http://www.FootArch.com

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"After reading the book and practised the theories and doing the exercises for three weeks I feel a lot better."

-Lena Olofsson, Sweden