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"About The Discovery Of
The Five Springs and More"

Every revolution has to start somewhere. The first of the five springs to be discovered was the shoulder spring.

One day I was carrying one corner of a crate holding a motorcycle. Later the top of my breastbone started hurting. I looked and noticed the ligament had been stretched. Applying some of the knowledge about structural engineering I identified the muscle which wasn't working. I found that when I used that muscle the hurt went away. You can read
"Muscle N' Bone" to learn for yourself just how this works.

The next part of the discovery started with a foot pain.

The starting point was rather odd. The pain was in my big toe which had an ingrown toenail. Normal shoes pressed against the toe, making it hurt.

So, I purchased a pair of big toed shoes called Earth Shoes. They were very odd looking with their low heels. A number of articles were written about them. Those shoes were touted as being very comfortable for most people - but some did complain and couldn't wear them.

My ingrown toenail definitely felt many times better. However, my arches began to hurt something fierce. Those original Earth Shoes had bumps just ahead of the heel which caused pain if you didn't have a good arch and my arches were terrible.

One article I read stated that some people loved their Earth Shoes and some couldn't wear them. Being one of the latter, I reasoned that if some loved to wear them and I couldn't stand the pain from them, I must be doing something wrong.

So, I looked and looked. My Architectural training probably helped. I knew what it took to make an arch. After about 3 months of painful walking I found the muscles which actually make the arch. Also, I found just what I needed to do to use those muscles. This is the natural way to use the foot.

After that it was a matter of training myself to walk naturally. It took me a good while to achieve my goal. Others I have shown this to have taken very little time and effort to get it right.

In later reading I found out that many foot problems stem from flat feet. So, I looked at those problems from this new, natural viewpoint. Many painful conditions for which doctors have sixty-four dollar words (such as plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, Achilles tendonitis and shin splints) just possibly could be helped with this new, simple solution. There is more detail more simply told in "A New Foot Health Solution" than in "Muslce N' Bone," but both tell all about how to do it.

The next discovery came from headaches. A chiropractor would adjust my neck and withing ten minutes it was go out. I could feel it go out and the headaches would come back. One day he showed me a drawing of the muscles in the neck. Immediately I spotted the neck spring muscle. I could tell that mine wasn't working as it should. I got it working right away. That was an easy one. Within 2 weeks it was working as a habit, although several years later I discovered that I only had part of it working right, but getting that handled is another story.

The headaches were only helped somewhat by getting the neck spring to working. So I got a copy of the doctor's bible, "Gray's Anatomy" to learn what other muscles were in my neck.

The next non-working muscle I spotted was less than 2 inches long between the top neck vertebra bone and the skull. It would work, but it was extremely small and weak. At first that little muscle would only work 2 or 3 minutes a day before giving up. Within a couple weeks it was up to 10 minutes a day. At that point the entire area started waking up. When that muscle was working the headaches would go away, but when it wasn't working the headaches were 20 times worse. I couldn't stay vertical without the muscle working. It took 2 months to get that little muscle strong enough to keep doing its job 10 hours a day.

The upper back spring muscle was easy to identify as it works similar to the neck spring, but backwards. However, the lower back spring muscle was a real bear to discover. It took me 3 months to come up with the theory. It works like a suspension bridge like the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco. Read "Muscle N' Bone" to learn more.

The first book I wrote was published in 1982 called "Muscle 'N Bone" and covered all the discoveries. Then another book was written and published in 1993 and a couple years ago was expanded and re-published under its current title, "A New Foot Health Solution."

You can find out for yourself how to fix or prevent many pains naturally by Ordering and Reading "Muscle N' Bone" Now.

Dennis Denlinger
Dennis Denlinger graduated from Carnegie-Mellon University with a Bachelor of Architecture in 1968. One of the subjects he studied was structural engineering which turned out to be vital for his research on the human body.

Upon graduation he traveled to Europe where he expanded his study of the German language at the Goethe Institute in Schwabish-Hall, Germany. Once his ability with the language was sufficiently developed he found work in an architect's office in Stuttgart.

Over the years he worked for architects' offices in New York, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Wheeling and Los Angeles. He then switched over to industrial work doing design, documentation and construction supervision of major construction projects for such companies as General Motors and Weslock Division of TRE Corp.

More recently he turned his hand to various business ventures, including marketing, nutrition studies, writing and publishing.

Through much of this life Mr. Denlinger suffered major physical problems ranging from flat feet to back problems to extreme headaches. When medical and chiropractic doctors had been unable to successfully treat his problems he turned to his own resources.

Denlinger successfully applied his original research ability and knowledge of structural engineering to his physical problems. He recognized that others could benefit from this formerly secret knowledge as well. So, he wrote a book.

Learn how you can use the secret of the back spring muscles, the neck spring muscle and the foot arch (foot spring) muscle to improve your own body by Ordering and Reading "Muscle N' Bone" Now.

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The theory is very simple. You can test it for yourself with equally simple experiments.

The most basic part of the theory has to do with muscles, bones and ligaments. You already know what muscles and bones are.

Ligaments are the tough material which holds the ends of bones together at joints. You can see a ligament the next time you eat a chicken leg. It is the tough material at the joint between the ends of the thigh bone and the drumstick bone.

The job of the muscles is to move bones and to hold bones together at the joints.

However, sometimes muscles have to rest, such as at night when you sleep. That is when ligaments take over the job of holding bones together at the joints. Without ligaments you would wake up in the morning with your ribs mixed up with your toes. What a mess that would be.

Ligaments are not made strong enough to hold the bones together at the joints when the muscles and bones are carrying a lot of weight such as when you stand, walk or run.

What happens when ligaments are made to carry more weight than they are supposed to carry? Your joints hurt. You feel pain. What is this like?

Want to know what it is like for joints to hurt? Remember on the playground, kids would bend their playmates' fingers backward? Perhaps you had that done to you. Perhaps you did it to others. Ouch, that would hurt. Right there ligaments in the fingers were being stretched.

This kind of problem can happen everywhere in the body. However, we are looking at the feet right now.

There are many ligaments or ligament-like material all over the body. When the muscles which shape and operate the feet, back, shoulders and other parts of the body are not working right, those ligaments will stretch and hurt.

Use the muscles right, and the ligaments will not be stretched and will not hurt.

There is more, but that is the basic. To learn all about it, and how to use muscles by Ordering and Reading "Muscle N' Bone" Now.

The discovery covers much more than just the feet. In fact, it covers all the muscle systems of the human body. It covers the spring muscles, the long muscles which energize the major body motions, the medium length or guy-wire muscles and the shorter muscles which hold bones in correct relationship to each other.

Mr. Denlinger's discovery is based on sound structural engineering theory. The health care profession has not made these discoveries because they are not educated in structural engineering. It took a person, such as Denlinger, with an education in structural engineering, a broad general education and an ability to do original research to develop this multi-discipline theory.

For instance, medical and chiropractic doctors say that the spine is curved to absorb shocks. Actually the correct engineering statement should be: "The spine is normally held nearly straight by certain muscles so it can go into a curve in the process of absorbing mechanical shocks." Once in a curve the spine has lost much of its major shock absorbing capability.

There are five muscle-bone spring assemblies in the human body. They are the neck, upper back, lower back, shoulders and feet and are thoroughly described in
"Muscle N' Bone."

Some of the benefits of correct use of the spring muscles include less pain from overstretched ligaments (see discussion of ligaments in the Free Chapters available on this site on the Basic Theory page), correct posture and tight belly muscles. Much back pain could be alleviated. Note that, after flus and colds, back pain is the next greatest reason for job absences. Many cases of improper use of back muscles can be observed among the general populance. Also, tests have shown that the lower back pain experienced by many women in the later months of pregnancy can be helped with this theory. Some indicators that the springs are not being used correctly include pain in the area, saggy shoulders, protruding Adam's Apple, dowager's hump, saggy belly, sway back (ie, lower back arched inward when it should be close to straight) and feet pointed out at an angle rather than straight ahead. There are other benefits from correct use of the other muscle systems.

As with the theory of the foot, there are details which are needed to operate each of the springs correctly. In the future, as funds and time permit, additional books will be written detailing exactly how to correctly use all the muscle systems of the human body. Getting "Muscle N' Bone" back in print is a step in this direction. Many of those books, like "Muscle N' Bone" and "A New Foot Health Solution," will be for the layperson to understand the correct operation so as to apply it under the direction of a health care professional. The reason is the layperson needs to understand how the muscles work, as he or she is the person who will actually be operating the muscles. Health care professionals will assist the layman in application of the material in those books.

There will be additional books directed to the health care professional as there are times when so many muscles are not being used correctly that the layperson will not be at all able to understand it by him or herself. For this, the health care professional will need a very thorough grounding in the structural engineering aspects of the muscles and bones of the human body.

Making this material available for all could greatly improve the overall health and well being of humanity. Denlinger, an independent researcher and author, is not affiliated with any institution. It is sincerely hoped that the funds will soon become available to allow Denlinger to prepare and publish the additional books needed to make all his discoveries available for all. Your purchase of "Muscle N' Bone" and "A New Foot Health Solution" may allow this to happen sooner rather than later.

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"After reading the book and practised the theories and doing the exercises for three weeks I feel a lot better."

-Lena Olofsson, Sweden


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