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"Foot Pain Can Be Helped . . .
                 . . . or Prevented
with New Discovery"

Foot pain, plantar fasciitis (over stretching a tough ligament between the heel and toes called the plantar fascia), heel spurs (bony pieces grown on the heel bone), heel pain, flat feet, achilles tendonitis (tenderness in the achilles tendon just above the back of the heel) and shin splints (pain in lower leg) could possibly be helped or even prevented with this new discovery. It took someone who had studied engineering rather than medicine to find the basic theory on these foot problems.

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As with other parts of the body, this new discovery revealed that many kinds of foot pain has to do with ligaments which are stretched too tight. Ligaments are a very tough material which holds bones together at the joints.

Part of the discovery is that muscles are the main system to hold bones together at the joints. When the muscles are at rest (such as at night when you sleep) or otherwise not working correctly the ligaments take over the job of holding bones together at the joints.

Without ligaments you could wake up in the morning with your knee bone in your mouth and your ribs mixed with yor toes. Is is a normal job for ligaments to take over when the muscles are at rest. However, when the ligaments are overloaded, such as when the muscles are not doing their normal job, the ligaments can hurt.

An example of this is when the foot arch muscles, which also control the foot spring, do not work correctly. That can be one or more kinds of pain in and near the feet.

There are two books which tell how to use the foot arch (also called the foot spring) correctly. The first book, which was written over twenty years ago, also covers problems in other parts of the body. You can Order this book, "Muscle N' Bone," right Now.

The second book, "A New Foot Health Solution," should be Ordered if a more thorough study on the subject of the feet is wanted. It includes a workbook section which could help a person to better learn the theory. It is simply written so anyone can understand how to use the feet - in fact, some very educated people say it is written too simply.

Order "Muscle N' Bone" Now to get the basic information on the feet, as well as information on other parts of the body. However, Order "A New Foot Health Solution" if you want more thorough information on the feet.

To learn more about the feet, visit the FootArch.com web site or download the Free Chapter available through the Basic Theory page on this web site.

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Book about Nedk Pain, Back Pain and Foot Pain - Order Here

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Book about Foot Pain


"After reading the book and practised the theories and doing the exercises for three weeks I feel a lot better."

-Lena Olofsson, Sweden


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