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Neck Pain can be caused by different things such as injury, disease or crimped nerves. There is one thing which doctors have not recognized as a major source of neck pain. That unnoticed cause of neck pain is over-stretched ligaments.

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Ligaments are a backup system to the muscles and bones. When the muscles are not working or not working correctly, the ligaments take over to keep the bones together at the joints. Without the ligaments you could wake up in the morning with your toes mixed in with your ribs.

There are times when it is normal for the muscles to not be working such as when you are asleep. This gives the muscles a chance to rest and repair. While you sleep the ligaments keep the bones together at the joints without pain because that is the way Mother Nature intended it.

Notice that there is not a heavy load on the ligaments when you are asleep. Now notice that when you get out of bed the muscles have to carry the load from bone to bone or the ligaments have a heavier load to carry.

Do this experiment to get a better idea of how this works. Hold your arm out in front of you with your elbow bent and the palm of your hand facing down. Let your wrist go limp so your hand flops down. Here your muscles are not working and your ligaments are keeping your wrist together.

Next, use your other hand to gently press on the back of your flopped hand making your wrist bend even more. Do not do this enough to cause damage; just enough to notice that the ligaments hurt when they are stretched. Some people have to press harder than others.

Now, using the muscles on the back of your lower arm with the flopped hand to straighten the wrist some. Use your other hand to press down on the back of the hand which was flopped to try to bend the wrist, but use the muscles in the lower arm to keep it from bending. Notice that you can push more without the wrist hurting. Here the muscles are carrying the load across the wrist the way Mother Nature intended. You can see pictures of this by looking at a Free Chapter from a forthcoming book, "A New Back Health Solution" which needs Adobe Acrobat Reader.


The neck has many muscles to do many different actions which means there are many things which can go wrong. The most important action is the spring.

The neck spring acts very much like the spring in your car which allows the car to go up and down to absorb shocks as it drives over bumps. This protects the passengers (you) from discomfort and possible injury. In the same way the neck spring protects your head from discomfort and possible injury.

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