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"Sports Pain and Injuries
Can Be Helped . . .
                 . . . or Prevented
with New Discovery"

When you play baseball, basketball, football, golf, tennis, ping pong or any other sport, are you using your body correctly?

Mother Nature designed (engineered) our bodies with back up systems and shock absorbing springs as built in protections. If Mother Nature's design isn't being used correctly as you play sports, your body could have problems.

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A new discovery based on engineering basics reveals more of Mother Nature's design for our bodies.

For instance, did you know that medical and chiropractic doctors agree that the spine should be curved (front to back) to absorb the shocks of bumps? Well, they do. But, the engineer would say, "The spine should be held nearly straight with certain muscles so it can go into a curve (front to back) as it absorbs the shocks of bumps."

In fact, if the spine is allowed to be curved front to back as medical and chiropractic doctors say, pains and injuries could result from the shocks of bumps.

The spine curves to absorb shocks in three areas: neck, upper back and lower back. There are certain muscles in each area which are designed to do the work of absorbing shocks. These specific muscles have no other job than to absorb shocks. Get "Muscle N' Bone" Now to learn exactly where these muscles are and how to use them.

You can see some drawings and read more of what happens to the spine, to the ligaments holding the vertebra bones together and to the discs between the vertebra bones when these muscles are not being used correctly by downloading the Free Chapter from "A New Back Health Solution.".

Foot Pain, Shin Splints, Tennis Elbow, Etc.

Many pains in the feet, shins, elbows, etc. may be caused by ligaments stretched too tight. Ligaments are the tough material which hold bones together at joints. Take a look at ligaments next time you take a chicken drumstick apart from the thigh.

Muscles also hold the bones together at the joints. When the muscles are at rest, such as at night when you sleep, the ligaments take over as a back up system.

Engineers often design back up systems. You have a back up system for the brakes in your car. When the back up brake system takes over there is a red light on your instrument panel to let you know something is wrong. Pain is the red light in your body to let you know something is wrong when the ligaments are taling too much load.

When the foot arch is not being used correctly ligaments can stretch in the foot causing pain or ligaments can stretch in the lower leg causing shin splints pain. There is more information on the shin splints pain in the Free Chapter from "A New Foot Health Solution" which you can download and read right now.

Likewise, when the elbow isn't being used correctly the ligaments can be stretched and hurt like with tennis elbow. Get and read "Muscle N' Bone" to learn more about tennis elbow as well as much more about the new discovery.

A Story About Ligaments

Piano playing could be considered a sport. It takes a lot of muscle in the arms and hands to hit those keys hard again and again. It also takes a lot of control to hit them exactly right. In this respect paino playing is no different from any other sport.

Just like with tennis, the joints of piano players can be stretched too much and hurt. A pain in the finger of a piano player who is not using his hand correctly is similar to the pain in the elbow of a tennis player who is not using his arm correctly.

There was a professional piano player once who came to me about a pain in his little finger. He was having to hit piano keys very hard with that little finger and it was hurting terribly. The solution here was very much like the solution for tennis elbow.

This piano player was hitting the keys with the side of his little finger, bending the finger against the joint and stretching the ligaments. I showed him how to turn his little finger to hit the key with the pad of the finger and the pain went away. Tennis elbow can possibly be handled the same way. So can other pains which come about when playing sports.

"Muscle N' Bone" has much more information about the ligaments and muscles and what they do. Get this valuable book now to learn more about how the muscles and bones work.

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"After reading the book and practised the theories and doing the exercises for three weeks I feel a lot better."

-Lena Olofsson, Sweden

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