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"New Discovery about
Neck Pain, Back Pain
and Foot Pain:

"Dennis' discoveries about how to hold the muscles correctly has saved me a lot of pain over the years.
   "As a musician, I had back and neck pain over the years, as a normal way of life. With Dennis' information, I saw how to hold my muscles when I play music, so I can avoid pain.
   "When I was pregnant, my back pain was fixed immediately by him showing me how to hold my back correctly. This was such a tremendous help for me, considering that the pain would pop up suddenly without warning.
   "Later, my feet started hurting. Since my job requires standing on my feet all day, it was crucial that I not be stopped by foot pain. I was also walking during my commute, so foot pain is not something I let stop me. All I had to do was use the foot arch as Dennis said, and it eliminated the pain.
   "I cannot imagine how I could've avoided so much pain over the years without Dennis' information. I have been extremely fortunate in this regard, and I do not want to see a world that does not have this information, because it is very valuable." -N.D.

"Dennis Denlinger has taught me a simple, easy-to-use method which helps me every day in my auditions, acting, singing and dancing. I've always had a problem with neck and shoulder tension and his method has helped me learn to center myself and reduce stress. I highly recommend it to all performers interested in putting their best -- and most tension-free -- face forward." -L.H.

"I had an incredible success with Dennis Denlinger's technology on the body and its five springs. My posture was slouchy, and far from straight and correct. Dennis showed me, in a few short minutes, where the springs of the body are and how they work, and how they should be positioned. I immediately grasped what he said and started using the technology. It was the easiest thing I've ever seen. And immediately my posture was 100% correct and has been ever since. It was pretty incredible to have the tech needed be so easy and so easy to apply! I am 44 years old, by the way! Many thanks to Dennis and his tech!" -K.R.

"About 3 weeks ago Dennis D. showed me some things about posture and I have had some great realizations about myself. 1) I have realized that I am in very good shape and that my poor posture made me look overweight. 2) I've become more aware of my body and now can control it to a much greater degree than before. I've been able to to workout more and handle heavy work for the first time ever because of 10 minutes going over my posture." -M.A.

"Over the past 2 years I have had some problems with my neck. Last night Dennis Denlinger explained to me how springs work in the body and how to stand properly and carry my body. It was pretty NEAT! I had a new realization on the fact that I had been walking incorrectly! After we did the demonstrations I woke up this morning totally free of any pain in my neck and able to get right out of bed!! It was great!! Thanks a lot!" -V.T.

"I used some very basic data from Mr. Denlinger's book which resulted in an almost immediately more comfortable body (in specific situations) and also an understanding of how to maintain and enhance the degree of comfort. Thanks!" -K.F.

"Dennis Denlinger taught me how to use my lower back spring. Since then I have no back ache and my abdomen is harder and flat. It bettered the shape of my body. Thanks Dennis!" -D.A.

"Dennis Denlinger showed me the four body springs and how to use them. In a few minutes I gained amazing lightness, comfort and, I think, the ability to keep going fresh all day. The only difficulty was realizing how simple it was." -R.O.

"Many thanks for sharing your exciting new information concerning our body's Muscle N' Bone. As a voice teacher I am very aware of the bad posture and poor muscle tone of the average person and feel your discoveries are of great value to us all. Many people are in chronic pain and others settle for operations all because of the mis-alignment of the body's posture. Your techniques are very much needed, and I shall recommend you where ever possible." -E.S.

"Enclosed is the manuscript that you loaned me. It's a great book which is very easy to understand, easy to apply. I have started to use your exercises on my patients and myself with good results. I would like to show the pictures to my patients so they can better understand the mechanics of the body." -Dr. M.C.

"Dennis Denlinger showed me a few diagrams from his handbook and I became aware that although most of my muscles are plenty strong, I haven't been using some muscles correctly and my posture has suffered as a result. I became familiar with the correct position of my neck, upper back and lower back. At the start of his briefing my lower back hurt, having a pinched nerve at the time. Within a few minutes of positioning my spine correctly with the use of these previously unknown muscles, I realized that my back didn't hurt anymore! Through his brief instruction I did what a chiroractor has not been able to do.
   "Putting my body's posture straight takes very little effort, just a little concentration. I look better and feel better. This is great data, put together by an engineer who applied his ability tot he human body." -D.M.

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"After reading the book and practised the theories and doing the exercises for three weeks I feel a lot better."

-Lena Olofsson, Sweden


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