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You can order a high quality paperback in the USA without a credit card by mailing a postal money order or cashier's check in USA funds made out to Dennis Denlinger to:

           Dennis Denlinger
           P.O. Box 60431
           Sacramento, CA 95860-0431 USA

Please include a note stating what you are ordering as well as your e-mail address so we can contact you in case there is a problem.

For a quality paperback without credit card in the USA (except California) the cost including shipping is $21.49. Due to sales tax complications this offer is not available in California. Your book will be shipped via Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation. Should the post office not be able to deliver and return the book to us, you will need to re-pay the shipping fee to ship again.

Usually we ship within 1 business day. Once we had as much as a 2 week delay when we were out of inventory and had to order more books. However, to be legal we need to say the following: for e-books allow 4 weeks for delivery; for paper books in USA allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery; for outside USA allow 8 to 10 weeks for delivery.

For a quality paperback without a credit card outside the USA to English Speaking countries the cost is $36.00. As there is no delivery confirmation available, there will be no reshipping available. Mail a postal money order or cashier's check in USA funds made out to Dennis Denlinger to:

Some people prefer to order by talking with a real live person. If you want to order "Muscle N' Bone" (ISBN 0-9742567-2-2) high quality paperback version by phone, from the USA or Canada call

(800) 431-1579

Discounted Bulk Orders

Your group, whether it be a running group, dance group, golf pro shop or doctor's office, can earn some extra income by purchasing in bulk at a discount and reselling at retail to your members.

There are two categories of bulk orders. From 25 to 51 copies the discount is 30% and over 52 copies the discount is 40% of the $16.99/US retail price, plus shipping, in US currency.

Payment may be made by money order or cashier's check.

Before making payment contact us through the
"Contact Us" page with your shipping address for a shipping price. Shipments to a California address will need a California Resale Number.

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Laboratory Kit

The Laboratory Kit described in "Muscle N' Bone" is not yet available.

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We guarantee that the book you receive is complete without printing defects of any kind. Should there be a defect in the high quality paperback book, return it to us within 30 days of purchase with a statement of the defect and we will replace it at no charge.

Note that the book is written in a very simple form. There are several reasons for this. First, many people, no matter how well trained in their specialties, are not knowledgable when it comes to structural engineering. They may need want to understand this theory and may need the step-by-step leading. Second, there are people without a lot of education who may want to understand this theory. Third, some parents may want their children to understand this theory. Thus, the book has been written in a manner so that people in any of these situatiions can understand the theory. If you may be offended by such simple writing, please do not purchase the book as you will just be wasting your money and the guarantee does not cover such a situation.

The laboratory kit described in the book is not yet available.

As the author is a researcher, not a licensed health care provider, there can be no guarantee on the knowledge presented in the book. If you have any question regarding the theory, please write us and we will do our best to clarify your question. When/if a common question(s) recurs repeatedly we will create a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page with the answer(s).

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"After reading the book and practised the theories and doing the exercises for three weeks I feel a lot better."

-Lena Olofsson, Sweden


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